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From the IRAC Computer Files 001 – Wonder Woman Movie Podcast Crossover Part 2

PART 2 – The hosts of four wonderful podcasts team-up to discuss the 2017 summer blockbuster WONDER WOMAN starring Gal Gadot as the Amazing Amazon Princess Diana of Themyscira!

Angela from the Wonder Woman: Warrior for Peace Podcast

Matt from Radio Free Themyscira: A Wonder Woman Podcast

Diabolu Frank from the Diana Prince Wonder Woman Podcast

Ray Caspio from Satin Tights: A Wonder Woman Podcast

Listen as they continue examining the good, the bad, and the Wonderful aspects of the first WONDER WOMAN theatrical motion picture.

PART 1 can be heard on Angela’s Wonder Woman: Warrior for Peace Podcast Episode 16.

PART 3 can be heard on Matt’s Radio Free Themyscira: A Wonder Woman Podcast

Click Play to listen to PART 2 right now!

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Episode 0: “Getting to Know You.”



Lifelong WONDER WOMAN fans Ray Caspio and Paul K. Bisson take an in-depth look at the LYNDA CARTER television series. It’s a fun, lively, and informative discussion with fellow fans and notable names in Wonder Woman fandom. They also interview some of the people involved in creating the show. And they talk to the people who are creating new officially licensed merchandise, from comics to music! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Satin Tights: A Wonder Woman Podcast!

This first episode, “Getting to Know You” serves as a primer with Ray and Paul sharing their personal stories about their relationship with Wonder Woman and how she has affected their lives. From their first Wonder Woman comic, and pretending to be the character on the playground, to getting bullied in school, and recognizing their own inner Wonder Woman. Get to know Ray and Paul in this first episode of Satin Tights!

Quick notes: Paul mentions his first Wonder Woman comic as being v1-151. He actually means v1-251. Ray likewise mentions WW comic v2-45 as changing his perception of WW comics – the actual issue is v2-64.

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