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From the IRAC Computer Files 001 – Wonder Woman Movie Podcast Crossover Part 2

PART 2 – The hosts of four wonderful podcasts team-up to discuss the 2017 summer blockbuster WONDER WOMAN starring Gal Gadot as the Amazing Amazon Princess Diana of Themyscira!

Angela from the Wonder Woman: Warrior for Peace Podcast

Matt from Radio Free Themyscira: A Wonder Woman Podcast

Diabolu Frank from the Diana Prince Wonder Woman Podcast

Ray Caspio from Satin Tights: A Wonder Woman Podcast

Listen as they continue examining the good, the bad, and the Wonderful aspects of the first WONDER WOMAN theatrical motion picture.

PART 1 can be heard on Angela’s Wonder Woman: Warrior for Peace Podcast Episode 16.

PART 3 can be heard on Matt’s Radio Free Themyscira: A Wonder Woman Podcast

Click Play to listen to PART 2 right now!

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Episode 0: “Getting to Know You.”



Lifelong WONDER WOMAN fans Ray Caspio and Paul K. Bisson take an in-depth look at the LYNDA CARTER television series. It’s a fun, lively, and informative discussion with fellow fans and notable names in Wonder Woman fandom. They also interview some of the people involved in creating the show. And they talk to the people who are creating new officially licensed merchandise, from comics to music! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Satin Tights: A Wonder Woman Podcast!

This first episode, “Getting to Know You” serves as a primer with Ray and Paul sharing their personal stories about their relationship with Wonder Woman and how she has affected their lives. From their first Wonder Woman comic, and pretending to be the character on the playground, to getting bullied in school, and recognizing their own inner Wonder Woman. Get to know Ray and Paul in this first episode of Satin Tights!

Quick notes: Paul mentions his first Wonder Woman comic as being v1-151. He actually means v1-251. Ray likewise mentions WW comic v2-45 as changing his perception of WW comics – the actual issue is v2-64.

Share YOUR story with us on social media or via email or by leaving us a voicemail message! We may use your message on a future podcast.

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WONDERWEEN: Our Top Five Spookiest Wonder Woman Episodes

What do you get when you cross the 40th anniversary of the Wonder Woman TV show…with Halloween? You get our top five spookiest episode list! Welcome to WONDERWEEN! Now you have something to watch while handing out candy to all the little Skrills in the neighborhood.


Kicking off our list is “Seance of Terror” – which must refer to the possessed wig worn by Diana Prince when she went undercover – it seemed to have a life of its own – and it was pretty terrifying. The episode also stars Bobby Brady’s brother (Todd Lookinland) who can move objects with his mind and who takes psychic photographs of Lynda Carter. Good thing he stopped at three!


70s’ comedy duo, Shields and Yarnell guest-star in this creepy-crawly tale about a scientist bent on preventing the manufacturing of deadly pesticide. Oh – and she can turn herself into “Formicida,” a superhuman who can communicate with ants. If seeing a bunch of crawling ants don’t make you squirm, Lorene Yarnell’s  wide-eyed, teeth-bearing, ant-communicating grimace definitely will.


Film legend, John Carradine guest-stars as Harlow Gault, a billionaire who plans to cheat death by transplanting his brain into the body of a young virile athlete. The plot of “Gault’s Brain” is the stuff of pulp horror magazines, boasting a bloated, pulsating, one-eyed brain prop in a glass tank (sitting in a wheelchair). You’ll either find it outrageously campy…or quite disturbing.

* Marc Andreyko deftly delivers a sequel to this tale in the Wonder Woman ’77 comic book story, “The Revenge of Gault’s Brain.” Check it out!


Few people have almost caught Diana Prince spinning into Wonder Woman. But Skip Keller spies the heavenly transformation in the part-one cliffhanger to the appropriately titled, “The Boy Who Knew Her Secret.” Plot twist: when an extraterrestrial makes Diana forget she’s Wonder Woman, not even Skip can convince her of the truth. Creep-out factor goes off the scale when somebody touches a tetrahedron!


When an intergalactic band of thieves known as the Skrill invade Earth, Wonder Woman must stop them from harvesting human minds. She gets a little help from Andros, Jr. (the son of the alien adjudicator she met in 1942), and she battles the evil Sardor – who looks and sounds a lot like Darth Vader. Not surprising since “Mind Stealers from Outer Space” was the show’s big two-parter on a new network (CBS) several months after Star Wars hit cinemas.

Honorable mentions: “Diana’s Disappearing Act,” “Disco Devil,” and “The Starships Are Coming,” all of which contain some spooky genre tropes, but not enough to make the list. Do you agree with out list?  Did we miss any?


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‘Wonder Woman’ Day Live-Stream!

Today Wonder Woman will be designated Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls by the United Nations! And DC Comics along with the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development campaign have launched official websites promoting the event. The news broke almost a month ago in a Closer Weekly interview with TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter – who said, “To honor Wonder Woman and women all over the world is just amazing.”


Since then, Carter and big screen Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot have confirmed their attendance via social media. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson will also be there. And yesterday, Patty Jenkins, director of the Wonder Woman feature film (hitting cinemas next summer!) was announced. The ceremony starts today at 12PM ET / 9AM PT at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.


But you don’t have to be a dignitary to watch the designation – the UN is live-streaming the ceremony! Q&A sessions with Carter, Gadot, and Jenkins via Facebook Live and Twitter will follow the event. Here’s the schedule card (text links at the bottom of the page):


The Wonder Woman campaign will highlight what we can collectively achieve if women and girls are empowered – along with examples of women and girls who have made and are making a difference every day by overcoming barriers and beating the odds to reach their goals. — Campaign website.

Learn more about Wonder Woman’s Honorary Ambassadorship for the Empowerment of Women and Girls at where you can also stay updated on the progress of the campaign.


Wonder Woman made her debut in All Star Comics #8 which was copyrighted on this date October 21, 1941 – 75 years go. The comic would hit newsstands four days later on October 25th. Source: DC Indexes


12PM ET / 9AM PT: Ceremony – watch at

1PM ET / 10AM PT: Gal Gadot & Patty Jenkins Facebook Live Q&A on the official Wonder Woman Movie Facebook page: @WonderWomanFilm

1:20PM ET / 10:20AM PT: Gal Gadot Live Twitter Q&A at @GalGadot & @PattyJenks

1:30PM ET / 10:30AM PT: Lynda Carter Facebook Live Q&A at the official SUPERGIRL Facebook page: @TheCWSupergirl

#WonderWoman   #WonderWoman75   #WithWonderWoman

And as always, stay tuned to for our upcoming review podcasts, interviews, and the latest news and information related to TV’s Wonder Woman!

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Gal Gadot to Join Lynda Carter at United Nations’ Wonder Woman Designation

Last week we commented on the United Nations‘ plans to designate October 21 ‘Wonder Woman Day’ with Lynda Carter in attendance (as reported by Closer Weekly). Since then, more information about the event has been revealed, including reports that the ceremony will be more of a bestowment, designating the character an honorary ambassador for female empowerment. It’s all part of the UN campaign, Sustainable Development Goals: 17 Goals To Transform Our World – of which the 5th goal is to Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls.


“Wonder Woman’s character is the most iconic and well known female comic book superhero in the world, known for her strength, fairness and compassion, and her commitment to justice, peace and equality,” Maher Nasser, outreach director of the United Nations’ Department of Public Information, said in a statement to NPR. —

Yesterday, both Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot officially announced their attendance – almost verbatim –  via social media:


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson are scheduled to attend – and possibly other notable guests. The designation will take place at the United Nations New York City headquarters on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Take a look at some other moments of Wonder Woman at  the United Nations:


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Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman! But Which One?

Just announced at the DC Comics Wonder Woman 75 panel at New York Comic Con: Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman. Notice that it does NOT read “Wonder Woman ’77” — this jives with the standalone image of Wonder Woman below who appears to be from Season One of the Lynda Carter TV series, which took place during World War II. However, the cover image clearly shows the 70s era amazon – so it looks like we may have a generation-spanning story here. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: DC Comics official press release and solicitation. Time-spanning story is confirmed! Both Lynda Carter era Wonder Women will appear in this digital first in November!